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 Repairs & Alterations

There may come a time when your business finds the need to alter or modify one or several hundred vessels. LaGrange Products can perform the needed repairs or alterations, whether our company originally produced the vessels or not, and promptly return them to you, as your timing dictates.





Vessel Modifications

When your company needs to alter or modify existing pressure vessels, LaGrange Products is the manufacturer to call. We hold current Certificates of Authorization from the National Board and maintain inspection agreements with ASME authorized inspection agencies, which allow us to apply an "R" stamp to the repairs and/or alterations we perform in our shop. The "R" stamp certifies that repairs made on boilers and pressure vessels are in accordance with the National Board Inspection Code and municipal regulations.

Whether or not LaGrange Products originally produced your vessels, we will add or modify fittings, perform rework, media blast and repaint surfaces or perform any alterations or repairs your vessels require, to restore them to their original condition.