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Whether your job specifications consist of production-ready prints or a rough sketch on a napkin, the design and engineering teams of LaGrange Products will accurately and cost effectively turn your concept into reality. Each project is set up to run smoothly and correctly through our manufacturing and finishing facilities. All projects are modeled in the latest edition of Solidworks.

Full Array of Capabilities

LaGrange Products supports fully-staffed Design, Engineering and Documentation Departments that were planned from their inception to support our client’s every need. If your company comes to us bearing rough drawings of your vessel, we’ll work with your staff to accurately transform those sketches into working production prints. We can convert from AutoCAD drawing interchange format (DXF) files, as well as initial graphics exchange specification (IGES) files. Our staff is also fluent in various 2D and 3D computer-aided design and manufacturing software. From product conception to completion, LaGrange Products will support your company every step of the way.

On-site C2 & C1 Inspections

Under certain circumstances, clients and codes may specify on-site inspections to verify the integrity of welded joints. C1 inspections may be necessary when small quantities of vessels are produced. An on-site inspector witnesses the production of the vessels. C2 inspections may be necessary when larger quantities of vessels are produced. An authorized on-site inspector monitors the quality of the vessels produced. LaGrange Products employs several on-site inspectors to conduct independent critical analysis of our welded joints, and certify their quality.